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About Us

About Us

FG is listed on well-known brand’s top 200 suppliers

Apr. 6th, 2017
Since its establishment, FG keeps focusing on high performance acoustic-tech development with expectation to bring the best sound for people.  In recent years, FG’s new acoustic products such as Super-micro speakers and Smart-amp audio speakers were approved by many international customers and widely used in many different applications.  In the best efforts of all, FG is listed on well-known brand’s top 200 suppliers.
FG's products were used in many applications, including Notebook, Tablet PC, AIO PC, Mobile devices, High-end headphones, especially in the rapidly developing IoT filed.  High efficiency, quality and stability were the reasons for many IoT brand companies choosing FG to be their supplier as necessary.

Looking ahead, FG will stay at the cutting-edge of world market trends and continue to create more innovative and competitive high-tech acoustic products for maintaining the positon of world’s leading supplier in the acoustic market.

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