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About Us

About Us

FG NB speakers were in the global market share of 30%

Mar. 1st, 2017

Fortune Grand Technology Inc.(FG) owns nearly 300 patents and high-capability of developing new acoustic elements, was reputed for high-quality manufacturing of audio products for years.  FG has built up a scale of operation and solid relationship with many world’s leading companies by long-term trust and cooperation. Even face to the rapid changes of speakers market, FG has been consolidating NB speakers business in the global market share of 30%.  In recent years, FG has actively invested in the development of new acoustic technology for IoT application that drove FG overall operation growth up 5% in 2016.

With over 30 years of acoustics experience, FG is aware of the new market trend in speaker field, keeps developing cutting-edge high-power slim speakers, super-micro drivers and Smart Amp audio products for emerging IoT applications and others; also has introduced highly-automated equipment to enhance processing efficiency for manufacturing control system. From speaker design to production, offering acoustics total solution to customers that supports FG to be customers’ premium partner and ranks Top 1 supplier of NB speaker marketplace.
'Tailor-made systems by high-performance' is FG future key strategy. To provide good audio products for new applications, such as smart audio devices, robot audio, consumer electronics audio, IOT related devices.  FG tirelessly continues to deliver the most quality speakers and comprehensive services to customers.

Where the need for sound, is the direction Fortune Grand move forward to.