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About Us

About Us


  • 2021Announced the first Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation true wireless headset
  • 2018Launched the true wireless stereo product line
  • 2017Hi-Res headphone technology approved by Japan Audio SocietyLaunch the production center in Dongkou County, Hunan Province, China
  • 2016Partnered and supplied to US leading IOT brand
  • 2013Established the subsidiary company Forgrand Technology USA Inc.
  • 2009Established the parent company Forgrand Technology Inc.; capital NTD 650 million
  • 2008Acquired QC080000 certificationHeadquarters moved to the current address in Gueishan Industrial Park, Taiwan
  • 2005Established ISO 14001:2004 EMS system; all products complied with RoHS regulations
  • 2003Became the world largest supplier of Notebook drivers and audio boxes
  • 2002Acquired ISO90001:2000 certification
  • 2001Established production center in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
  • 2000Acquired ISO9002:94 certificationEstablished production center in Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China


  • 1999Established direct partnership with the world leading brand of notebook
  • 1996Established partnership with the domestic top 5 brands of notebook
  • 1995Founded Fortune Grand Enterprise in Taiwan, dedicated to driver production for notebooks